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Thin Brick Systems

Enhance your home with the beauty of brick, without the hassle.

  • Genuine kiln fired clay brick
  • Can be placed on virtually any surface
  • Get perfect spacing
  • Easy-to-install – DIY
  • 1-year warranty

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December 1 2021

Design Corner: Types of Red Brick and How to Use Them in Your Home Designs

Brick: Riviera, paired with a grayish olive exterior Red brick is arguably the most popular brick color for both exterior and interior home design. In...

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November 26 2021

DESIGN CORNER: Gray, Everything You Need To Know

Tones, shades, and patterns of colors go in and out of style. Sometimes quickly and other times a color will stay in style for years...

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November 19 2021

5 Tips for Installing Your Thin Brick Project

Office Wall done in our Monument brick Our new brick, Monument, is a beautifully gray colored brick combined with dark and white tones, giving the...

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