Real Brick.
Real Simple.

Easy Installation

With Old Mill Brick’s patented systems, you can transform your home over a weekend, or add brick to your commercial project without needing to hire a mason.

Our Story

Old Mill Brick’s patented Brickwebb and BrickPanel+ systems have transformed the brick-design industry. Easily and efficiently add genuine clay-fire thin brick to your residential or commercial project. Founded in 2007, Old Mill Brick is proud to represent sustainable and beautiful options to add thin brick to any surface.

Give Thin Brick a Try

We have plenty of samples for both Brickwebb and BrickPanel+ systems. Order a sample today and we’ll apply $10 towards your next Brickwebb or BrickPanel+ order.

The Latest from Old Mill Brick

About Us: The Hunsakers

Old Mill Brick traces its beginnings to 2006 when Garrick Hunsaker founded Hunsaker Exteriors. Garrick has a long family history in siding and spent his early career installing and managing stucco jobs. Garrick learned all there is to know about exterior installation including insulation code, techniques, and new ways to do siding such as thin bricks, stone work, and stucco...

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Commercial Project

We can work with you to get commercial pricing on large Brickwebb and BrickPanel+ projects.

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