4 Design Ideas for your Unfinished Basement

April 16 2019

When taking on a DIY project for your unfinished basement remodel, it may seem daunting: where to start? It’s a blank canvas just waiting for your personal touches. If you need some help deciding where to focus your energy, here are few basement remodeling ideas to give you some inspiration.

Cover Your Concrete Walls

If your basement walls are poured concrete, sprucing them up can be a challenge. Painting them would certainly be an improvement, but let’s face it, those walls need an overhaul. Covering your concrete walls in brick will take them from basic to refined in no time at all.

With Old Mill Brick Brickwebb, you can easily and affordably tackle the project yourself. Thin bricks are made from brick but are thinner and lighter—and designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Covering your concrete walls in a thin brick veneer gives the space major wow factor but will give it that timeless look—like it’s always been that way.

Image Source: Interior Basement Brick Wall

Encase the columns

Most basements have them, those columns that are obviously necessary, but a nightmare to design around. So why not embrace them and make them a design feature in your basement remodel? Building a wood box around the columns and covering them with a thin brick veneer adds an interesting architectural element to what can be a plain and boring space.  

Image Source: Interior Brick Column

Luxe up your laundry room

The laundry must get done somewhere, so that somewhere might as well be awesome. Remodeling your basement is an excellent opportunity to create—and beautify—a space to make the chore seem a little less like work. Adding a bank of enclosed shelving and large folding surface are great places to start.

Now think about the flooring. A dingy basement floor can seem dirty, even when it’s not. And you want your laundry room to feel fresh and clean at all times. Adding a beautiful brick veneer floor to your laundry room will give it an instant upgrade, while keeping super durable and easy to clean.

Image Source: At Home on Beach Tree

Add a flex room

Image source: LA Event Planning

If you are looking for ideas to max your ROI on your basement remodel, consider setting aside some of the space to make into a room that can flex as your needs change—and may appeal to a variety of buyers later on. Perhaps you use it as a workout room, a kids’ playroom, or an office, that can easily convert to an overnight guest room in a pinch. Whatever you use it for, you’ll never regret having the extra room that grows with your family’s changing needs.

An unfinished basement is an opportunity to add a ton of living space and added value to your home. By incorporating our thin brick veneer systems into your design, you can warm up the space while keeping it functional and durable.  

For additional ideas and design inspiration, view our photo gallery at www.oldmillbrick.com.


  1. Wade Joel
    We're currently remodeling our house and I never thought of improving the basement aesthetic until now. We actually have columns there so I was caught by your suggestion to encase them to add an interesting architectural element. I'll make sure that I get in touch with a construction company so they can inspect and tell me exactly what I can do down there. Thank you!
    1. Jason Fanaika
      Awesome! We are happy you liked the suggestions. Please let us know if we can help explaining anything to your contractors. Thanks again and good luck with your project!

      -Old Mill Brick
  2. Adrian
    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I liked this article. It was helpful.
    Keep on posting!

    Here is my web-site; Adrian
  3. Kate Welling
    I like the idea of adding a flex room. My basement is not finished. It would be great to add this little idea so that we can use it more.
  4. Steele Honda
    Thanks for the design ideas for an unfinished basement. I like that you said that finishing your basement can be a great opportunity to luxe up your laundry room. My husband and I are considering finally finishing our basement so we will have to look into moving our laundry room down there so we can update it a little bit.
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  7. Ethan Hansen
    It's good to know that you can encase the columns in your unfinished basement to make it look nice. My wife and I are preparing our home for our upcoming family reunion and we want to finish our basement before the first day. I will keep this in mind as we find formatubes to encase our pillars!
  8. Steele Honda
    I like that you said that covering your concrete walls in brick will take them from basic to refined in no time at all. My husband and I are thinking about renovating our basement so that we can finally finish it. I think it would be nice to add brick or something that looks like brick over the walls because I think that it would look good and it could stand up against my kids knocking into it or trying to draw on it which would be nice too.

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