A Laundry Room Dream Renovation

January 14 2022

Since moving into their home Gloria Mugleston had ideas of upgrading her laundry room. With the help of Old Mill Brick she was able to do just that. Using our new Riviera color brick, she transformed her laundry room, giving it a refreshing and awe-inspiring design. We sat down with her to discuss details of her project.

Brick: Riviera

Who is Gloria Mugleston?

Trent and I have been married for 20 years and have four awesome kiddos.  We found a love for renovating homes when we purchased a beautiful home that needed a lot of updating about four years ago.  We put our hearts into that renovation and shortly after it was complete, Trent got a job offer that brought us to Utah, where we currently live.   We built a new home when we moved to Utah and left most of the home as a “shell” so that we could add all the finishing touches ourselves and document the process for our followers.  We love taking a space that is lifeless and make it into something that we are truly proud of. 

Feel feel free to reach out to Gloria through her Instagram account: brickandbatter. She is constantly posting some terrific content.

Brick: Riviera

Could You Briefly Describe Your Project?

When building our home, we decided that leaving our laundry room as a shell would give us some extra time to decide what we wanted to do in that space.  After adding brick to our entryway and fireplace, we knew we wanted to bring that rustic warmth into our laundry room and make it a space that we absolutely love.  We started by adding shiplap to the walls that were not going to be bricked. We then installed the brick, added a floating shelf and cabinet around our washer/ dryer.   We will also be adding a bench and hooks to this space. 

Why Did You Choose Brick for this Project?

We love brick! It's timeless and adds so much charm and warmth to any space.  

How Long Did the Project Take?

We started the brick on December 14th and finished up on December 30th, after a little Christmas break. 

What Was the Hardest Thing About the Project?

I think the hardest part for us is just time. I relied heavily on my husband and son to install the brick for this project so it took longer that I would have liked because of their busy schedules. (Gloria would have normally done most of the install, but had recently hurt her back). 

What Was the Easiest Thing About the Project?

I’d say that grouting was easy on us this time.  This is our third brick project in our home and we have learned how to grout quickly without it taking a lot of time and effort.  I know that the entire grouting process can seem daunting at first, but if you can get the right consistency when mixing your grout, it makes the process move quickly.

What Other DIY Projects Have You Done?

So many! This is our third brick install in this home, we have also added shiplap, beams, floating shelves, a theater room, wall treatments, wallpaper, painting, custom shelving in our garage and installed our entire yard ourselves.  We are also planning on adding a brick fireplace in our basement in the next few months.  We get so much satisfaction from tackling a project and having the outcome look as if we paid a professional contractor to complete the work for us.  Some projects require extra time and love to get the detail that we are striving for, but it’s worth it in the end. 

For more information about the project you can DM us on instagram. Any inquiries about the Riviera brick or general thin brick questions please reach out to our customer support team.

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