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April 27 2020

Checkout this beautiful installation by Lou & Vicky Arne of Daybreak, Utah.

We are excited to show you this beautiful thin brick accent wall that was recently installed in a beautiful new home in Daybreak, Utah. Lou and Vicky moved into their home near Salt Lake City just four months ago. They both have impeccable taste, and their home showcases their modern and cozy taste. Lou, who travels frequently to Boston, wanted to add a touch of eastern charm with the timeless look of real brick. 

Brickwebb accent wall by Lou & Vicky Arne. Color: Castle Gate

Finding Space for a Thin Brick Accent Wall

As guests walk into the primary entertaining area, tall vaulted ceilings, an open kitchen, and a cozy seating area greet them. The opposite wall most visible to new guests is a beautiful accent wall covered with Castle Gate thin brick by Old Mill Brick.

Brickwebb accent wall by Lou & Vicky Arne. Color: Castle Gate

Day 1: Thin Brick Installation

Lou and Vicky spent 2 days installing the Castle Gate accent wall. On Day 1 they covered the floor with a tarp and moved the furniture back for preparation. Then, using Old Mill Modified Adhesive, Lou installed his Castle Gate Brickwebb sheet by sheet onto the accent wall. In a few hours, the team of two covered the entire wall with the Brickwebb sheets. The only tricky aspect was on the door edge. The space is smaller than a single brick; therefore, Lou and Vicky made many cuts to cover the entire length of the doorway. Day 1 was a success!

Brickwebb accent wall by Lou & Vicky Arne. Color: Castle Gate

Day 2: Grouting the Thin Brick

On Day 2 it was time to add the grout. Lou liked the color of a particular sanded tile grout - the grey was a bit lighter than the mortar he had seen. The only mistake of the installation was when Lou attempted to grout the bricks using the sanded tile grout. He realized that wiping the bricks clean would be more challenging than expected. Sanded tile grout is useful for a german schmear or white wash look. The color seeps into the edges and leaves behind residue which gives a beautiful and unique look, however, it is a different look than the clean color of brick. Lou had already completed a small section that would be difficult to clean. After talking with the knowledgeable staff at Old Mill Brick, Lou utilized an acidic compound that would clean the grout off of his brick.

Going forward, Lou was much more careful in applying the grout. By slowly grouting the remaining brick he minimized the amount of brick surface he would need to clean later on. The result was worth the effort. Lou’s accent wall turned out beautiful.

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