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June 17 2019

Old Mill Brick traces its beginnings to 2006 when Garrick Hunsaker founded Hunsaker Exteriors. Garrick has a long family history in siding and spent his early career installing and managing stucco jobs. Garrick learned all there is to know about exterior installation. This includes insulation code, techniques, and new ways to do siding such as thin bricks, stone work, and stucco. Hunsaker Exteriors specializes in commercial exterior installation service for veneer finishes. Garrick later spun off the company Old Mill Brick in 2009 as a sister company specializing specifically in thin brick systems for commercial and residential use cases. Garrick’s wife, Linda Hunsaker, helped create the company with her experience in design and sales. We conducted an exclusive interview to learn a little more about this dynamic duo and the history of Old Mill Brick.

Where did your career start?

Garrick: My career started at a very young age. When I was 13, I followed my grandfather’s career doing stucco installations. Then in 1991 I took a job for a large commercial contractor managing projects. I learned a lot about the industry and saw the potential for growth and improvement, so I started my own company in 2006. Hunsaker Exteriors is a full service business model. We source the materials, put up the scaffolding, and provide the labor for install. Old Mill Brick was a step away from the service side of things though. I saw an opportunity to create easy to install continuous insulation made to be installed with thin brick. I knew that I could improve the thin brick industry by inventing a system that installs in half the time as traditional methods, and that’s how Old Mill Brick was born.

Linda: I would say that my career really started in Miami while attending fashion merchandising school. I developed my eye for design there and worked as a general manager and merchandiser for Ann Taylor for a number of years. I ended up pivoting to interior design instead of fashion when I moved to Pottery Barn. When Garrick started Old Mill Brick, I helped pick out the brick colors and build the company by leveraging relationships with designers. I’ve been with Old Mill Brick for seven years now as a sales manager working with designers and contractors nationwide.

What is it like working together?

Linda: I love it. We encourage, build, and strengthen one another on a daily basis. I love selling a product that my husband and I worked on together and have so much passion for. Old Mill Brick has been our baby and it’s been fun to watch her grow over the last ten years.

Garrick: I couldn’t have done it without her. Communication and sharing ideas is the key to being successful. It's great to be able to talk about the company and bounce ideas off of each other. It has also been very rewarding to build something together that we can be proud of.

What would you want customers to know about Old Mill Brick?

Garrick: I would want customers to know that we want to make the highest quality and most innovative product for an easy installation. After years of doing thin brick the traditional way of building from the bottom up and using spacers, I know how difficult it can be. I created our thin brick systems to be so easy to install for both contractors and DIY-ers.

Linda: We are passionate about building relationships with our customers. One of the perks of working with a smaller company like Old Mill Brick is that we get to know you and you know that you have someone on your side through the whole process. I work with a lot of designers who are repeat customers and love our product. They know that they can always call me about a job they are working on or an up-coming project.

What’s your favorite thing about the culture at Old Mill Brick?

Linda: I love being part of a team. We are small enough right now that we all know each other and we’re like a family. Some values that really stand out to me are leadership, integrity, and respect. These values help us work together and create success for the employees and the company.

Garrick: Teamwork, absolutely. Every person on the team is essential to success and we all work together really well. We all have to support each other to reach our goals, so it makes us a really close team. Commitment to our employees and our customers is a big part of our culture too. That's one of the things that I love most about Old Mill Brick.

The Old Mill Brick Team
The Old Mill Brick Team, July of 2019

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