Avoiding the Expense and Hassle of Traditional Brick Installation, a First Time DIYer’s Perspective on Panel+ and Thin Brick.

October 9 2020

When Kevin Plumb and his wife decided to add a potting shed to their impressive Heber, Utah greenhouse, it was important to them that the brick theme from the greenhouse extend to the shed to provide thermal mass and aesthetic continuity. However, the installation of the full-depth brick in the greenhouse proved to be an expensive endeavor. “It was more than the polycarbonate roof, walls and the earth battery combined!”, exclaimed Kevin. They needed a better, more cost-effective solution. 

Kevin contacted Old Mill Brick and learned about our patented Panel+ wall system. This would allow the Plumbs to add the insultation they needed and enable them to install thin brick in perfect lines thanks to the Panel+ guides, saving them the time and money of hiring a mason. We were also able to find them the exact color thin brick as the full-depth brick in the greenhouse. The difference is undetectable.

We caught up with Kevin to get his perspective.


Tell us about the installation process.


We watched a few videos on how to install the wall system. It seemed easy. The great people at Old Mill Brick even provided a tip on matching the spacing of the existing brick. Something we didn’t know that we didn’t know. It took us one day to put up the foam backing. Then a few more days to install the brick with the mortar joint. Our crew consisted of myself, my wife and my 85-year-old father-in-law. The foam boards made the job super easy. Completely eliminating the worry of level brick lines. We were excited to be able to install this system and not have to use a mason.

How did you get inspired to use thin brick corners to enhance the doorway?


The brick on the greenhouse has a detail where bricks around each of the 9 doors has the brick ends pulled out 3/4” from the surface. We knew we had to match this on the potting shed door since it is visible from inside the greenhouse. To accomplish it, we installed the flat brick pieces up to the door opening. Then installed a brick “corner” on top of the wall brick. Resulting in the same look of the original brick.


How did you feel about doing this project without a professional?


The Panel+ product is amazing. It is the reason we felt comfortable trying this ourselves. It was incredibly easy to install. It kept the rows perfectly straight. The video showed us how to keep the vertical alignment of each brick row perfect. Great product.

We think the Plumbs did a great job! 


Panel+ Wall System with fasteners

Thin Brick

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