Beautiful Bathroom Updates to Create Your Dream Home Spa

August 29 2019

For many of us in the 21st century, life is a busy whirlwind of never ending tasks and work to do. Self love is an effective way to stay sane and keep on keepin’ on. Your home bathroom can be a safe haven and perfect space for some self love and quiet time. Here are some beautiful updates that you can make to your bathroom to turn it into your dream home spa.

Color Scheme

Photo credit: Maison Valentina

Ever walk into a spa and immediately feel calm and clean? This might be due to some smart color schemes often used in spas. Colors can have strong effects on human emotions. The right colors to achieve a feeling of calm and clean can also very by cultures. Here’s an article that explains some of the psychology behind this phenomenon. 

For most people, cool and earthy tones of green are calming and the color white is associated with cleanliness. It’s amazing how much cleaner a bathroom will feel with white cabinets and a white tub, toilet, and sink combo. If your bathroom has a tub or toilet in a cream or other odd color from the 80s or 90s, simply replacing them with porcelain white fixtures will make your bathroom feel significantly cleaner. 

Photo Credit: Howlett Co

As an accent color, using shades of green will help the bathroom feel calm and inviting. Adding some plants can also add that pop of green and a bonus of fresh oxygen. Check out this article for some indoor plant “oxygen bomb” ideas for your bathroom. 

Luxury Texture

Herring bone brick accent wall.

For a home spa that makes you feel like a queen, you’re going to want some luxury textures such as stone, brick, or wood. Granite counters for the vanity will add a feeling of luxury and have the bonus of not having to worry about setting down hot curling irons. Adding a brick accent wall is also a great way to add texture and luxury to your bathroom. Check out the herringbone accent wall in this bathroom here: 

Herring bone brick floor.

You can also use brick for your flooring for an expensive, luxury feel on your bare feet. Added bonus, brick floors aren’t slippery when wet! Click here to learn how to install a brick floor in your bathroom.

Soaking Tub

Luxury soaking tub. Photo Credit: Menards

Baths can have tremendous stress relieving benefits. The only problem is that most homes don’t have a tub large enough for an adult human. You don’t have to restructure your entire bathroom and install a corner tub to have a luxurious bath though. The depth of the tub is what stands between a shallow puddle that you can’t submerge yourself in and a full body relaxing soak. Replacing your tub with a deeper model that doesn’t take up any additional space in the room will make all the difference! 

Bright and Soft Lighting

Bathroom lighting ideas. Photo Credit:

Lighting choices can also significantly affect the overall atmosphere in your bathroom. If it’s too dark, it can be depressing and not a space you want to hang out in. However, you may want different lighting for different activities. When you are getting ready for the day, you want bright white lighting that feels clean. When your having a soak, you may want dim warmer lighting. Having a light over your tub with a seperate switch that is dimmable allows you to achieve the best of both worlds. Also, don’t underestimate the calming light and aromatherapy from candles. Have candles readily available in your bathroom for when you really need to relax. 

Make it Plush

Plush robe from Crate & Barrel

The final aspect you need for the perfect home spa is a dash of plush. Thick, large, soft towels and a hotel style plush robe adds the finishing touch to transform your bathroom into a space for self love. The feeling of stepping out of a relaxing bath and onto a plush rug cannot be underestimated either. 

There you have it! These are all of the components needed to upgrade a bathroom into a home spa. Tackle your needed updates one at a time and you’ll be living your best life in no time! 

Do yourself a favor and practice some self love today, whether that means taking a nice bubble bath, doing some yoga, or treating yourself to a double chocolate brownie. You deserve it. 

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