"Be Creative! It's Your Space!"

April 12 2021

Old Mill Brick customer shows you just how modernly rustic a new brick wall can look with her install of Hanoi Smooth brickwebb sheets. (see link below)


Connie White has lived in her charming San Mateo, California home for about 14 years. She recently had the exterior painted white and was looking for a bit more of a contrast when it came to her front porch. She had seen Old Mill Brick carousel ads on Facebook and thought the dark tone of the Hanoi Smooth brick would be perfect for that contrasting color she was looking for.

Project Details

She hired a local tile company to do the install. It took two professional tile installers, two days to complete the project from start to finish. The first day was spent installing the brick. They used Old Mill Brick’s Hanoi Smooth brickwebb sheets. Grouting took place on the second day using a charcoal color from Prism.

Future Plans

Connie has already ordered more brick, this time the Café Mocha brickwebb sheets, to install an accent wall in her bedroom. She thinks it will bring a very vintage, yet modern look to the interior of her home.


Although brick has been used for centuries as a building product, Connie believes with the right creativity it can be used in new and unique ways. “Be creative! It’s your space!” she says.  


YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzz6zuNDtt8&t=29s

Hanoi Smooth: https://www.oldmillbrick.com/shop/colors/hanoi-smooth/

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