BRICK FEATURE: An Enterprising Contractor Helps a Pizzeria Founded in the 1900s Expand Their Space Without Sacrificing Historical Aesthetic.

December 2 2020

Andrew Kopac, a 26-year-old Connecticut-based contractor, prides himself in caring for each job with the utmost detail and rigor to ensure flawless results for his clients. That’s what made his company, Kopac Design the right choice when a Monroe, Connecticut-based pizzeria wanted to expand their dining room. This Italian food restaurant was founded in the 1900s and maintaining their historic aesthetic was very important to the owners. 

Having been in business for 10 years, Andrew has a keen eye for finishes and knew that brick was the perfect choice to help his client maintain that old world charm in a fresh way.

Andrew had been following Old Mill Brick on Instagram for quite some time, so he knew that a tumbled thin brick with type S mortar was the best choice to achieve that rocky, rustic and distressed look that also allowed for an urban feel; historical, but with the times.

This was Andrew’s first time using thin brick. “It’s more affordable than full brick, the install is easy, they cut nicely and don’t chip.”, he said of the product.

Check out his install:

Connect with Andrew on Instagram or if you’re in the Connecticut area, check out his website.


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