Brick Patterns You Need to Know

June 3 2022

Brick can be arranged in many ways. The different brick patterns can create different atmospheres to your room or home. In this blog post we will be discussing the most popular brick patterns and how they can help you transform your room or home into a real showpiece.

Brick: Highland in a running bond pattern

Running Bond

The running bond pattern is far and away the most popular brick pattern. It is also the easiest pattern to install, making it the most DIY friendly. In this pattern the bricks are positioned end to end and the subsequent rows are then staggered. Even though this is the easiest pattern to install, Old Mill Brick has made it even easier with our patented Brickwebb Sheets, where twelve bricks are adhered and positioned in the running bond pattern on a mesh backing.     

Brick: Kokkini Beach (shown without grout)


The herringbone pattern has seen an increase in popularity in the last decade. This pattern is harder to install than the running bond pattern but gives much more of a unique and eye-catching design. Commonly used for paths or flooring as this pattern has its origins in Roman and medieval roads. The bricks in this design are installed at a 45- and 90-degree zigzag style pattern. Just as with the running bond pattern, Old Mill Brick has made installing a herringbone pattern a breeze with our Herringbone Brickwebb Sheets. Check them out here.   

Brick: Kokkini Beach (shown without grout)


Basketweave gets its name from exactly what it describes…a woven basket. The bricks are laid in a vertical then horizontal pattern creating a woven look. When using full bricks, this pattern is only used on flooring and pathways. When using thin brick, this pattern can be installed on a wall, but due to tradition, it is still most commonly used on a floor.

Brick: Kokkini Beach (shown without grout)

Stack Bond

Stack bond is considered one the easiest brick patterns to install. It is similar to running bond but the rows are not offset, creating a very uniform and straight look to your project.

Brick: Kokkini Beach (shown without grout)

Vertical Stack

Vertical Stack is when you turn a stack bond pattern 90 degrees so the brick, instead of being horizontal, are vertical. And as with the stack bond pattern, the vertical stack is very easy to install and great for beginner DIYers.

Brick: Kokkini Beach (shown without grout)

Vertical Offset

This pattern is a different variation of the vertical stack, bringing the running bond and vertical stack styles together. It creates a more engaging look than the vertical stack with the brick vertically placed but the rows being offset.  

Brick: Kokkini Beach (shown without grout)

As with all our blog posts we hope this helped to inform you and answer any questions you might have had. We are always striving to make installing brick easier and more DIY friendly. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve, or any questions please contact our customer service team at 888-264-6455 or You can also find more information and inspiration on our social channels below.

Brick: Monument in a running bond(bottom), soldier course(middle and edges), and herringbone pattern.
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