Brick Spotlight: DIYer Ashley Basnight | Thin Brick Bedroom Accent Wall

August 14 2020

August 8, 2020

Photos are gorgeous. The install easy. The reviews are in. Everybody loves Ashley Basnight's new thin brick accent wall. And she couldn't be happier with how it all came together.


Ashley Basnight was born and raised in North Carolina. She was accepted to and graduated from Elizabeth City State University. After graduation she moved to Oklahoma, where she currently resides, to take a job as a software engineer with The Boeing Company. Ashley has always been good with tools, her passion being wood working, but she loves any DIY project where she can express her creativity and individuality. This inventiveness and passion led her to rethink a wall in her bedroom. She knew she wanted it to be different. She desired a bold and refreshing statement that would bring new life to the room.

Ashley started looking for materials and ideas on, where she stumbled across Old Mill Brick. Upon more research, she knew her bedroom needed brick.


It took Ashley about two months to fully complete the project, saying it would have only taken her 2 weeks if she had more time between work, family, and friends. The easiest part of the project she told us was, “laying the brick. It took a long time, but it was simple.” The hardest part came after the brick was laid on the wall. “Grouting,” she commented, “was the hardest part.”

Ashley loves the way it turned out, saying, “The best aspects of the wall are the variety of brick colors.” The wall is one big collage of vibrant reds, stark blacks, and humble whites. It brings new life and rich culture to the room. She loves how different it feels stating, “no one has a wall quite like it”. Everyone who sees it raves about how unique and beautiful it looks.

Ashley highly recommends installing Old Mill Brick in your house, saying that she is already planning to do another wall in a new home currently under construction. We at Old Mill Brick would highly recommend checking out all her DIY work on Instagram @smashingdiy.


Ashley used the Thin Brick Singles in the Castle Gate color to do her project. You can see Ashley’s Youtube video of the project in the link below.

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