Brickwebb Vs Thin Brick

August 26 2019

While various forms of thin brick have been around for a long time, Brickwebb by Old Mill Brick is a new and innovative way to easily install brick. The patented system consists of sheets of pre-spaced bricks on a mesh backing that installs just like tile. There are pros and cons to both options. Here is how it breaks down: 



Installing Brickwebb sheets of 12 bricks at a time.

The sheets allow you to install 12 bricks at a time and eliminate the need for spacers. This allows you to complete your project in a fraction of the time of a traditional thin brick project. Unlike other systems available, you don’t have to install any metal frame works on the wall either. No extra steps. Just smear on and score your adhesive and then stick on 1.74 square feet of brick at a time. 

Structural Support

The mesh also adds structural support while you are installing by allowing the adhesive to come through the mesh and hold it in place. With Brickwebb, you can install thin brick almost anywhere. Also you don’t have to start at the bottom of a wall and work your way up. Instead, you can start at the top of a wall and work down so that your cut bricks are at the bottom and less visible than they would be at the top. 

Installs on Ceilings

Brickwebb installed on the ceiling of this stunning kitchen.

You can also install Brickwebb on ceilings! While traditional thin bricks would not be able to hold in place on a ceiling long enough for the adhesive to dry, you can use the mesh sheets to stick your Brickwebb to a ceiling. Simply push on the bricks until the adhesive comes through and then add a few screws through the mesh to hold it in place. When the adhesive has dried, you can remove the screws and then grout your bricks with a sponge method. 

Always Straight Lines

Castle Gate Dark fireplace DIY upgrade with Brickwebb by Old Mill Brick.

You don’t have to be a skilled mason to install Brickwebb. Our quality controlled production ensures that you have straight lines on your thin brick project every time. You will also save money and time achieving your perfectly straight lines by not having to purchase and place spacers. 

Limited Patterns Available

The one draw back from Brickwebb is that it doesn’t come in every pattern option yet. Popular patterns such as herringbone and basket weave are being looked at for development, but not currently available. (At the time of writing this blog)

Thin Brick

Unlimited Pattern Options

Basket weave brick floor pattern.

The big benefit of using loose thin bricks over Brickwebb is that you can use any pattern you want. Check out our blog post here for the most popular brick patterns that you can achieve with loose thin brick. 

Color Mixing

Herringbone accent wall done with a mix of Dixie Clay and Boston Mill.

One benefit of loose thin brick, that is often overlooked, is that you can mix colors. This photo is a mixture of Dixie Clay and Boston Mill. You can let your imagination run with the colors available and come up with a totally original mix of brick! Mix in 2 boxes of Promontory with 8 boxes of Rushmore for a mostly grey toned look with pops of pink and brown. Or, mix Pony Express with Cordova for a cheerful array of warm toned bricks. The possibilities are infinite! Keep in mind that you would only want to mix colors that are the same finish. (Meaning tumbled vs straight cut bricks.) 

Cost Effective

If you are willing to deal with the spacers and added labor, choosing loose thin bricks can save you money. Loose thin bricks do have a lower price per square foot than Brickwebb. However, if you are paying a contractor to install your project, Brickwebb might still save you money because of the faster installation process and therefor less contractor hours billed.


While loose thin brick has some advantages, Brickwebb is the best option for a DIY project or a contractor looking to maximize on time. If you want a traditional pattern and an easy and speedy install, there is no better solution than Brickwebb on the market. Click here to check out our available colors and order today. 

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