CASE STUDY: See How Old Mill Brick Helped One Prominent Connecticut Designer Build a Real Life, High-End Zoom Background.

November 19 2020


COVID has turned the world upside down. One effect of the pandemic is that corporate America turned remote almost overnight. Millions of professionals who were habitually going into an office every day now found themselves relegated to their kitchen tables, sofas and home offices. Jill Rae’s husband was one such professional. 

As an executive who (now) has a lot of Zoom calls, he’s more aware of the aesthetics in his office and that white painted wall that never seemed to be a problem before was now a drab, boring background. A background that didn’t represent his personality or position.


His wife Jill, a busy interior designer, immediately went to work finding the best option to enhance the wall. The office décor is described as, “industrial cabin”. She considered shiplap and wallpaper first, thinking brick was too laborious, until she came across our Brickwebb product on Instagram. Researching on our website and using Instagram to find others who’ve installed it, she decided that she could actually DIY brick and get the rustic look she desired without using cheaper looking alternatives.

“This product was the perfect solution because of the high-quality look of real brick and the ease of installing by adhering twelve bricks at a time. The color was perfect as it’s a faded, almost sandblasted look. It really fit with the theme of the room.”, said Jill.

When asked why she chose Brickwebb over thin brick singles, Jill remarked that single bricks would be too hard for one person and take too much time.

Over a period of two days, her and her husband traded off installing the Brickwebb. They followed tutorial videos and drew some tips & tricks off Instagram; for example, they used screws to hold the sheets in place as they adhered them to the wall. 


“It was so easy!”, was the first remark from Jill when asked what she thought about the install process. “And worth the investment because it doesn’t look cheap.” She remarks that because she did it herself, she has a certain sense of pride when looking at it and, “loves it so much more!” Her husband loves it, too. He finally feels his office matches his level of professionalism and often gets compliments from clients and colleagues. As a designer, Jill is now helping her clients discover the ease and beauty of Brickwebb.

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