COVID-19 GIVEAWAY WINNER: Texas healthcare professional gets a DIY surprise from Old Mill Brick.

January 20 2021

In May, the team here at Old Mill Brick decided we wanted to help spread joy in this difficult time by giving away brick projects to those impacted by the pandemic. We asked for nominations for front line workers, first responders, essential workers or anyone else who has been deeply affected by the pandemic or works to help those who are and have been.

Meet Lacie.

Lacie works in communications for a busy healthcare clinic network in Houston. In addition to her day job, she often manages the company’s COVID call center on weekends and delivers supplies to their COVID testing sites all across the county.

Apart from her busy job, Lacie also works extremely hard for her home decor Instagram account, @loveresideshere where she shares her passion for DIY and brings joy to her many followers as they track her and her husband Matthew’s many projects.

In fact, it was her husband Matthew who nominated her for this giveaway. He knew that a project like this was on her DIY list and thought that this gift would be a spark of happiness for her in the midst of so much sadness and uncertainty. The couple has experienced personal loss from the pandemic as well.

The original plan when we chose Lacie for our giveaway was to hire workers to install a brick wall and archway in the couple’s home. But since her and her husband are experienced DIYers, they asked if they could tackle the project themselves. They decided to take out the pillar and archways, open up the space and brick both sides of the wall.




“Although 2020 was simply put a tough year, I can truly look back and see that the happiness for my wife from getting this brick installed was a great uplifter and I think it will be a real bright spot for our family going forward.” Matthew said. 

We are honored to have helped out and love the new space!


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