Design Corner: A Study in White Brick (Part II)

February 14 2022

In previous blog posts we have discussed how to use white brick in your home design, the history of color white in interior design, as well as Old Mill Brick’s most popular white bricks. In this blog post, we want to address some remaining aspects of using white brick in your home.

Brick: Glacier Bay w/ whitewash

What White Brick Can Do For Your Home

White brick has been known to be a good medium and balance for designers when a clean white design is the goal. Often times, having a white design with little variation or texture can be overwhelming or more often very underwhelming. Having white brick as part of your design can change that. It adds texture and changes up the monotony that is often associated with a white interior design.

White brick gives you more freedom than white paint. White paint will give you one look. No matter how you apply it or style it, at the end of the day it’s just a single color on a wall. White brick on the other hand will give you more than just one color. Often, white brick will have multiple colors. It could be brownish white or reddish white. A good example of this is our Glacier Bay brick. It provides you with more than just a simple white, but a white that pops with reds and grays, making a statement to any home design.     

Brick: Glacier Bay w/whitewash

You Don't Need to Find White Brick

With all that being said, you don’t necessarily need to find a white brick. Painting your brick can be a very viable option for what your home needs. You can achieve the look you want by painting any color of brick white. This helps you in your home design in two ways.

One: finding a good white brick can be hard. Most brick companies only have a limited selection of whites. This is due to the natural materials usually incorporated into brick not being able to produce white in the final product. So, by painting a brick, you can save time and often times stress of trying to find a decent white brick.

Two: it allows you to be the boss of how your wall, backsplash, or floor turns out. When painting a brick, you have full control of the final outcome. You can apply as much paint or a little paint as you want. You can whitewash your brick so the original color of the brick peaks out. Or you can cover the entirety of the brick creating a clean polished textured look.

Brick: Artisan Paintable (painted white)

Your Home. Own It!

We hope that these blog posts about white brick and white interior design styles have helped you in your search for the perfect home design. It’s our goal here at Old Mill Brick to help you create a home you want to live in. At the end of the day, whatever you choose to install in your house, it’s yours. Own it. We wish you all the best of luck with all your DIY and home projects!

Brick: Glacier Bay
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