Design Tips: Accent Walls

June 25 2021

Components of a Stunning Accent Wall

  • There's more to life than solid colors

Often times when we think of accent walls we typically think of solid colors, like purple, red, tan, etc. But accent walls don’t have to be just ordinary solid colors. Many people are now incorporating a variety of different colors into their accent wall projects. It adds much more pop to an accent wall when you can think outside the box and use multiple colors.

  • Think Texture

Texture will bring a whole new element to your accent wall that will have you and your guests aweing at how it turned out. Texture will make the room come alive and will bring a stunning sense of character that would be lost if you just used paint.

  • Be Bold!

Accent walls are not for the faint of heart. Be bold! It’s your project. You are the boss. Use your creativity and experiment. The most gorgeous accent walls are usually the ones least thought of. They come from the minds of DIYer’s willing to take a chance and go for it.

Brick is an Ideal Choice

If you’re read this far into the blog, you should be thinking that thin brick checks all the boxes of what makes a great accent wall.

  1. Brick will bring multiple colors to your wall
  2. It will add a natural feel of texture.
  3. It’s a bold look that will most definitely pay off.

Thin brick is well worth it when thinking about how to add that missing something to a room.

Which Wall?

The first question people usually ask when thinking of doing an accent wall is: Which wall should I do? And it’s a very good question. The first and easy answer would be: which ever wall you want! But if you want a more professional answer then keep reading. You should choose the wall that already attracts the most attention when you enter the room. For a bedroom, it usually is the wall behind the headboard of the bed. For an office it could be the wall you first see when you walk into the room. Choose the wall your eye naturally gravitates toward.

You also want to consider where the furniture is, or where you will be placing the furniture. You don’t want to cover your gorgeous accent wall with too many pieces of furniture. You want to display that wall. So, choose a wall that won’t be covered up with too much stuff. On the flip side, you also don’t want to choose a wall that is bare or doesn’t have anything on or in front of it. It will most likely look weird and draw too much attention.

Which Color?

If you are not an interior designer, which most of us are not, then you will be asking yourself which color should I choose for my accent wall? What will a dark color do to the room? What will a lighter color do to the room?

Warm Colors: Warmer colors will make a room feel smaller. The reason being your eye will pull colors like yellows and oranges closer toward you. Those colors attract the attention of your eye and will seem closer to you. So, if you have a large room you want to feel more snug and cozier, than choose a warm color.

Cool Colors: Cool colors will make a room feel larger. The color will pull the wall away from your eye thus making the whole of the room feel bigger. Darker colors will bring out the shape of the room a lot more as well. If you have a narrow room, putting a dark color on the far wall will make the room feel longer. You can add a dark color to the other wall, the long wall, and it will make the room feel squarer.

Why Thin Brick is Perfect

Thin brick really is an ideal material for a fantastic, finished accent wall. We admit that there are easier options for an accent wall. (paints, stencils, wall paper, etc) But we promise you, you won’t be disappointed with your Old Mill Brick accent wall. Putting up an authentic looking brick wall has never been easier. With our bricks being cut from real bricks, you can get that authentic brick look you’ve always wanted but never had time or energy to install. With a variety of different colors to choose from you can create the perfect looking wall. Go check out all our color options here.

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