DIYer Weighs in on Brickwebb in New Video

February 3 2021

A passionate DIYer was put to the test to see just how easy our Brickwebb sheets are to install. Watch the video below to see how Jen tackles the install of both Thin Brick Singles and Brickwebb.

Meet Jen

Jen has been a DIYer off and on for ten years. She enjoys changing things around her home and is fond of projects that help uplift her living spaces.

Putting Her to the Test

Before we brought Jen in, she had never worked with our thin brick products. We wanted to see which one she preferred after installing a small demo wall with our Thin Brick Singles and another wall with our Brickwebb. The results are fascinating.


Jen preferred our Brickwebb over the Thin Brick Singles! Even though the sheets were heavy to work with, she said they were faster and easier to install then the Thin Brick Singles. Just look below! It took Jen half the time to install the Brickwebb as opposed to the Thin Brick Singles, which took her a little over 2 hours.


All our products are designed with the DIYer in mind. Whether you like working with our Thin Brick Singles or prefer, like Jen, our brickwebb, we at Old Mill Brick, strive to make the process of installing brick as simple and easy as possible. We want you to succeed in your dreams of having a brick floor or accent wall. If you need further help, or have other unanswered questions, please reach out to our support team at 801-542-7050 or

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