Haven't Heard of German Schmear...You're Missing Out

May 20 2022

If you haven't heard of german schmear, you've come to the right place. This traditional style brick aesthetic will be a game changer in your home. We address all things german schmear in this blog.

Shown: Rushmore brick w/german schmear using white sanded grout

What is German Schmear

German Schmear is a styled look you can achieve when you "spread" wet mortar/grout over the face of your finished brick. German schmear is a widely used technique for getting a traditional look and feel. It can make a new brick wall appear worn and older. Ever been tired of the same brick in or on your home? Easily change it up for cheap by applying a german schmear. This method is a perfect way for you to get the most out of your brick.

Shown: Seaside brick without german schmear
Shown: Seaside brick with white sanded grout german schmear

How to Achieve a German Schmear Style

Step 1: After you have installed your brick, using a paddle mixer, mix water with your mortar or grout. The most common ratio is 70% mortar to 30% water. This ratio is subject to change depending on how you want the finished project to look. The more water you add, the lighter the "wash" will be and the more the natural brick color will come through. The less water used, the less you will see the natural brick color.

Step 2: Take a wet sponge and wipe down the brick. This will make life a lot easier. If the brick is wet when you apply the mortar mixture, the "schmear" will take longer to dry, allowing you more time to get the right look.

Step 3: Time to apply the mortar/water mixture. You can apply this using either a gloved hand, a trowel, a sponge, or a rubber float. Apply however much you want. The more you apply, the heavy the look and the less you will see of the brick. The less you apply, the more you will see of the brick. It's really quite simple. And there is no "right" way of doing this. Its all your personal preference. You also don't need to apply an even amount to all the bricks. Some bricks could have more mortar whereas other could have hardly any.

Shown: Rushmore without grout
Shown: Rushmore with various styles of german schmear

Benefits of German Schmear

One of the biggest benefits of german schmear is you get the exact look you want. You can achieve a very personalized brick project. For example, anyone can buy our Highland brick, but once you apply a german schear, your brick project, is unlike anyone else's. Another benefit of german schmear is the freedom in application. There is no right way of doing it. You are the boss and get to decide exactly how you want the finished project to look. Another benefit to german schmear is that is can be a cheap way to change up your brick. If you've ever thought your existing brick wall or house needs a makeover, german schmear is an easy and cheap way to change that.

Shown: Seaside with white sanded grout german schmear

Now You Know

Now you know all about german schmear and how wonderful it can be in your home projects! We hope this blog has been educational and helpful. If you have any other questions please reach out to us through instagram, facebook, or directly to our customer service team. You can also find more information through our instructional videos on Youtube.

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