How to Add Style to Your Gorgeous Brick Backdrop

May 20 2019

Brick walls are a beautiful accent in any home, but sometimes it can be a challenge to know how to decorate the space. Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways to add style to your gorgeous brick backdrop. If you are not lucky enough to have a brick wall in your home already, check out Old Mill Brick for easy and attractive options you can install yourself. Then check out these suggestions for how to decorate a brick wall.

Wall Art For Brick Walls

One of the easiest ways to add your own personal touch is with wall art for brick walls. Add eye-catching prints, paintings, or photographs and instantly add aesthetic appeal. Black and white photos look especially classy against a red brick background and will draw attention to the entire wall.

Add Shelves

Adding shelves or bookcases along your brick wall creates a warm and homey vibe in the room, and will make you want to stay for hours, particularly when paired with cozy seating. Greenery and plants placed on shelves will also add to the comfortable ambiance. Just be careful not to overdo it when adding shelving. You don’t want to cover up too much of the beautiful brick, so minimalism is important.

Create Contrast

Using contrasting colors, rather than complementary, will help show off the brick wall and make it stand out. For example, whitewashed or light colored brick looks great with dark floors and furniture, especially when you layer in pops of color with bright accents. You can also use black or dark colored brick on one wall for a dramatic effect, and pair it with white furniture, rugs, and window treatments.

Strategic Lighting

Brick wall in spacious modern designed white kitchen with marble floor

Strategic lighting placement can also draw attention to your brick wall. You can hang LED lights or track lighting along the sides or ceiling to create a soft glow along one edge. You can also hang whimsical string lights to incorporate a fun, feminine element. Funky floor lamps can also be a helpful feature for adding personality to your design and creating an illuminated focal point on the brick wall.


Choosing the right colors to highlight the shades and tones of the brick also helps to make that particular wall a central element in the design. The color of the brick will determine the colors you want to use everywhere else. Traditional red brick looks great with a variety of colors, but bricks that are brown, grey, or a purple-toned red tend to look better with specific colors. Get more information about complementary colors for brick walls here.

Create Your Own Brick Wall

Check out Old Mill Brick for more design inspiration and ideas for how to decorate a brick wall, as well as other great ways to incorporate brick into your home decor.

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