Install Brick Anywhere in Your Home

March 16 2021

With a reemerging popularity, thin brick is being considered by many for remodels, renovations, and general DIY house projects. We at Old Mill Brick have made the installation of brick as easy as possible with our assorted thin brick products. You can install them in any room of your house!

Accent Walls

Whether it be in a bedroom, living room, dining room or home office, an accent brick wall is sure to make a huge difference in your house. You can use either our brickwebb or thin brick singles to install directly onto your drywall! No unnecessary demolition work or hours of prep needed. You can easily knock out the installation in just one weekend!

Accent Wall Install Process:


Brick: Castle Gate

Floors can be a little bit more work than an accent wall, but using our Brickwebb you can do it! So many of our customer's have loved our Brickwebb Herringbone sheets for their floor projects. You need to install thin brick onto a cement board when doing a floor. We also recommend sealing the brick for added protection. Check out the process below!

Brick Floor Install Process:

Kitchen Backsplashes

Brick: Independence

Adding brick to a kitchen makes it feel cozy and warm while still giving it a pop of aesthetically pleasing design. Following the same steps as an accent wall you can change your kitchen from the mundane to the talk of the neighborhood. We suggest that you seal your brick backsplash with the 511 Impregnator by Miracle.

Kitchen Backsplash Install Process:

Install Basically Anywhere!

Brick: Cafe Mocha

You aren't just limited to walls, floors, and backsplashes with our thin brick. You can install them in bathrooms, stairs and steps, patios, showers and fireplaces. The list really does go on! You can find more information about all our products on our website or on our Youtube channel. Link below!

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