New Video! How to Lay a Perfect Herringbone Floor using our Brickwebb Sheets

July 23 2021

Brick Used in Video: Castle Gate Brickwebb Herringbone Sheets

Our patented Brickwebb Herringbone Sheets are designed to make the installation of a herringbone pattern as easy as it can possibly be. With that, there are some tips we want to share with you to make the process of completing your dream floor even easier.

Brick: Boston Mill

Herringbone pattern floors are becoming all the trend now a days. For us at Old Mill Brick, the majority of our customers installing a floor will purchase and use our Brickwebb Herringbone Sheets. For those unfamiliar, our herringbone sheets make laying out and installing a herringbone project so much easier. The thin brick come pre-fastened onto the fiberglass mesh sheets. The pattern being already laid out for you, your work is cut in half, if not more! The only task you have to do is cut and lay! Easy as can be.

Brick: Boston Mill

If you do have any questions, which if this is your first time working with thin brick you probably do, the video below is a fantastic guide that will help you in your endeavors of laying the perfect herringbone thin brick floor. You can also call or email into our customer support staff who are always willing to help!

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