Guide to Brick Patterns: 101

November 27 2020

Once you’ve chosen brick to enhance your space, you’ll want to consider what pattern works best for your aesthetic. This short guide introduces you to the most common brick patterns.

Running Bond, Offset or Subway

This is by far the most common and timeless brick pattern. Its ubiquitous influence can be felt in architecture of all types, in all geographies and throughout time. This pattern is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of experience laying brick and you can’t go wrong as it’s truly a trend that never goes out of style. We offer this style in our Brickwebb sheets to make installation even easier, no spacers needed.

Brickwebb accent wall by Lou & Vicky Arne. Color: Boston Mill by Old Mill Brick
Brickwebb accent wall by Lou & Vicky Arne. Color: Boston Mill by Old Mill Brick


Named for its resemblance to herring fish bones, this pattern is absolutely trending these days. We’re seeing a lot of our customers use this design in flooring (both interior and exterior) and on fireplaces. Guess where else this pattern used to trend? The Roman Empire! Herringbone pavers were used as roadways for its durability and stability. This pattern is tricky when laying single bricks. One slightly askew angle throws off the rest of the design. Try using our Brickwebb sheets if you’re not a professional to ensure perfect lines and spacing. 

Basket Weave

The basket weave pattern is named because of the textured woven look it creates. This pattern is super easy to install as it typically doesn’t require much cutting, if any. Basket weave can be done 2 bricks by 2 bricks or 3x3 like this one, used to contrast offset brick in an office wall here at Old Mill Brick HQ. We've also seen some great 4x4 treatments.

Offset brick with basket weave accent

Stacked Bond

This pattern is achieved when the bricks are vertically and horizontally aligned. This pattern is most often used indoors. Tile and stone are often laid this way, but using this pattern with brick provides a classic, impactful result. And like basket weave, requires little to no cutting so installing is easy and ideal for novices. 

Soldier Course

This pattern is used as a common border treatment in conjunction with other patterns. Soldier course bricks are laid side-by-side and are a great way to break up one continuous pattern.

Accent wall with offset and herringbone patterns divided by a row of soldier course.

Mixed Patterns

We here at Old Mill Brick love to see it when our customers “zhuzh” it up! Using various patterns together provides texture, depth and dimension. And it’s a great way to customize your look.

Brick floor in offset and herringbone patterns.

No matter what pattern you choose, brick will provide timeless beauty and durability for whatever home improvement project you’re tackling. 

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