Trouble Choosing a Color? Look no further than our Terra Collection

May 28 2021

Here at Old Mill Brick, we are proud to offer an outstanding and diverse collection of thin brick tiles. From 34 different colors and 3 different styled collections we are sure you will find the right color for your wall, floor or backsplash…or whatever your project is.

Brick: River Silt w/a german schmear grout style

For many people choosing a color is the hardest part. You want just the right color to match or accent your furniture, wall color, cabinets, etc. But you don’t know where to start. Why don’t you start with our Terra Collection!!

The Terra Collection

Most people, when looking for brick want a rustic, tumbled look. They want a worn and old style, so when you look at your brick it seems it has been there for years. If that person is you, skip over our Modern Collection and take a gander at our Terra Collection.

Photo Credit: @simplemadepretty
Brick: Kokkini Beach w/white grout

When you are beginning your search for brick colors you can often times immediately shrink your search to larger color skus, such as reds, grays, or browns. The Terra Collection can help with whatever main color option you are looking for.  

Red Bricks

Sunset Red is a straight-edge brick with a soft surface tumble, giving you a more modern look without giving up on the rustic vibe. Its reddish tones are intermingled with browns and grays giving your project a very diversified reddish style.

Brown Bricks

Choosing between our River Silt and Rustic Iron bricks can be hard because they are both quintessentially idyllic brown bricks. The Rustic Iron will give you more variety with its dark, almost charcoal-colored bricks as an accent to the standard brown. Whereas River Silt will give your room a very cozy and charming feel of countryside farmland with its lighter, gentler browns.

Brick: Rustic Iron

Gray Bricks

Looking for our Rushmore brick from the Colonial Collection? Aren’t we all! You don’t need to wait forever to get a simple gray brick that fits with everything in your room. Kokkini Beach will fill that craving for a soft gray warmth to your room or kitchen.

White Bricks

Bristol White is an off-white brick that makes you wonder why you haven’t looked into it before. Having that off-white look makes it a great fit for any room or floor. It matches with all furniture and will look stunning whenever you install it. Trust me.  

We'd Love to Help!

Whatever it is you are looking for, I would most assuredly recommend you start searching through our Terra Collection. You can purchase any Terra Collection brick from our website. You can also find the Bristol White at Floor & Décor. If you have further questions about color options or getting yourself a sample you can contact our customer support team at

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