TUTORIAL FEATURE: See How a Popular Home Improvement Influencer Used Old Mill Brick to Upgrade His Home’s Exterior.

December 10 2020

Brent Gentling (BYOT) is well known on YouTubeTikTok and Instagram as an experienced builder and DIY-er who shares his home improvement adventures with the world in fun how-to videos that cover all sorts of topics from home renovation, landscaping, deck work, furniture making and even making wedding rings!

When he decided the old siding on the exterior of his Seattle house needed to go, he turned to Old Mill Brick for help. “I wanted to remove the old horizontal siding and make a more cohesive aesthetic with brick on the front of my house; mainly to provide a better look to the house but to add value as well.”, said Brent.


It’s all about getting the hang of it! As this was his first time working with brick, the brick-and-mortar process wasn’t as quick as he thought it would be. “I got the hang of it quickly and had a lot of fun doing it in the end!”, he said.

Here is his entire tutorial video. It has over 22k hits on YouTube already!


When asked about the final result, Brent said, “I absolutely LOVE the look in the end. It adds value to the house, and you can't even tell that it is a brick veneer. Plus, I have had multiple neighbors come up to me and say how amazing it looks.” 

We couldn’t agree more!

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