Continuous insulation, moisture barrier and architectural relief

Get the needed R value with foam from 1” to 4” thick.

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Easy to install - no skilled masons required.

Custom Foam to
Match Your Project

BrickPanel+ foam panels come in 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” thicknesses. The brick channels, thicknesses and dimensions can be customized to fit your project.

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Gets Specs for Your Project

With Brickwebb’s patented webbing system, you can transform your home over a weekend, or add brick to your commercial project without needing to hire a mason.

Lower Your Costs

With Old Mill Brick’s patented BrickPanel+ system, the cost to install brick in your commercial project just got less expensive and time-intensive. Get continuous installation, air & water barrier, and moisture channels all with a cost as low as lath and scratch. And simplify your labor costs by adding thin brick to your commercial project without needing to hire a mason.


Supports Any Thin Brick

We have plenty of samples of thin brick for your BrickPanel+ project. Contact us to have samples sent to you for your commercial project.

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