Panel+ Thin Brick DIY Kit

56 sq ft

Panel+ Thin Brick DIY Kit

56 sq ft

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$2.48/sq. ft.

Total Area: 56 sq. ft.

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How much will I need?

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Product Features

If you are a through and through Do-It-Yourselfer than this is the product for you. It contains all the necessary items needed to install your beautiful Old Mill Brick product. It comes with easy to read instructions for simple, fast and efficient installation. Be prepared to convert your ordinary building idea into a fantastic project you can show off to your friends!

Kit Includes

  • 30 lbs. of Adhesive (6 small bags)
  • 7 Foam Panels - 1" x 2' x 4'
  • 75 fasteners
  • 75 screws
  • 1 grout bag
  • 1 jointing dowel
  • Instruction Manual


All Brickwebb products are protected by a 1-Year Limited Warranty.



All Brickwebb products are proudly made in the USA.



All Brickwebb materials are made from sustainable materials.



  • Each kit covers up to 56 sq. ft. of space
  • Does not include brick or mortar
  • Designed for the do-it-yourselfer


Step 1

Begin by positioning Old Mill Panel on the bottom corner of your wall. Level the panel using a 4 foot level. When installing brick that is ground level, you must remove the bottom row of foam panel (about 1.5 in.). This ensures that the bottom row will be

a full brick.


Step 2

Once level, attach the panel with the maroon washers and screws. Screws should penetrate into the wall studs at least 1 inch.

Step 3

There are six 5 lb. bags of adhesive in your kit. Use one at a time to avoid loss of material. Place 2 1⁄4 cups of water in a small bucket and then empty in one 5 lb. bag of adhesive. Take necessary percautions to avoid spills.

Step 4

Thoroughly mix using a margin trowel or small mixer until you have reached a consistency similar to icing. Let stand for 8 minutes.

Stir again for 1 minute.

Step 5

Fill grout bag with 3-4 cups of adhesive while avoiding any necessary air pockets. Do not overfill. Twist open end of bag to close.

Step 6

Apply adhesive to backs of thin brick by holding the bag at a 45° angle to the brick. Gently squeeze and twist the bag at the same time for a consistent line. Apply to 5-10 bricks at a time.

*Note: Rinse bag after use. It will be used later.

Step 7

If you have corners apply brick to those areas first. Next, install two full rows across the top; this will set your pattern. To install brick, place the bottom edge of the brick against the upper edge of the brick spacer. Press the brick into place by applying pressure up and in on the brick.

*Note: Brick should be cut using a wet tile saw as to avoid dust.

Step 8

While applying brick, periodically check vertical alignment by placing 4 foot level vertically along edges of brick. Allow 24hrs. For adhesive to set before moving on to step 9.

Step 9

Once the brick is set, grout can be applied using a type S mortar mix, or product equal. Refer to manufacturers specifications for mixing grout. The standard is  usually 5 lbs. of dry grout to every 21⁄2 cups of water. Thoroughly mix using a margin trowel or small mixer until you have reached a consistency similar to icing. Let stand for 8 minutes. (THIS IS CRITICAL). Stir again for 1 minute. Apply using grout/mortar bag. Start at the top of the wall and work in 4’x4’ sections. Hold the bag at a 45° angle to the brick and slightly overfill gaps. 56 sq. ft. of the Old Mill Brick System requires about 60lbs. of mortar mix.

Step 10

Once mortar becomes firm to the touch (15 min. - 1 hr.), begin tooling with provided grout tool. Hold tool at a 45° angle to the brick and firmly drag along grout line to remove excess grout. After grout is completely tooled, clean with a stiff bristled brush. Use 45° angles. Now, stand back and admire a job well done!


Store in a dry place.

For thin bricks: BIA Care Instructions


Old Mill Brick products are covered for a period of one year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects and when used on a structure that conforms to local building codes and when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Old Mill Brick will provide, free of charge, new materials to replace any determined to be defective. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and may not be transferred to any subsequent owner.

This replacement warranty does not cover damage or deterioration resulting from:
Improper building practices or non-compliance with applicable building codes
Settling of the building or other wall movement or subsidence
Use of brick for below grade, sidewalks, paving for foot and vehicular traffic, mailboxes, soil dams or certain other limiting conditions
Collision, vandalism, war, civil unrest or other accidental or intentional events or other causes beyond manufacturer's control
Incorrect use of mortar or grouting methods
Contact with chemicals, paints or other coatings whether intended or untended
Discoloration due to airborne contaminants
Staining or oxidation.

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in Old Mill Brick products.
Old Mill Brick, LLC. is not responsible for labor costs incurred in removal and replacement of defective products.


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