The Brickwebb patented mesh-mounted system enables a fast, easy, and high-quality installation of thin brick that can be applied almost anywhere.

Why consider Brickwebb for your next project?
  • Genuine kiln-fired clay brick mounted onto patented web sheeting for easy and fast installation, perfect spacing (no spacers required), and enhanced durability.
  • Save time and labor costs by taking advantage of Brickwebb’s easy installation on virtually any surface.
  • Cuts easily with an angle grinder or wet tile saw.
  • Brickwebb can accommodate attractive detailing by using in conjunction with individual thin brick flats and corners.
  • Meets ASTM C1088, Type TBS, Grade Exterior standards.
  • Backed by the Old Mill Brick family of warranties.

See Brickwebb tutorial videos and our Brickwebb design gallery.

Brickwebb Makes Commercial Thin Brick Installation Easy

  • Step 1:

    Measure for Product

  • Step 2:

    Prep Wall

  • Step 3:

    Install Brickwebb Corners

  • Step 4:

    Install Brickwebb Sheets

  • Step 5:

    Cut Edges

  • Step 6:


Brickweb Step Brickweb Step Brickweb Step

Thin Brick Singles

Brick Brick

Our genuine kiln-fired brick in single flats and single corners are perfect for any job, inside or out.