NFPA 285 Fire Testing

Old Mill Panel+ Wall System has successfully passed the NFPA 285-19 fire test. NFPA 285-19 is the most recent fire-code assembly test.


What is the NFPA 285 Fire Test?

NFPA 285 is a fire test standard that measures the flammability characteristics of modern exterior wall assemblies. The fire exposure duration for NFPA 285 is 30 minutes. Several combustible materials are typically used in non-combustible wall construction including foam plastic continuous insulation, air and water barriers, high-pressure laminates, metal composites, and fiber-reinforced polymer panels. NFPA 285 is an assembly test so all components must be tested together to be compliant, meaning an individual component of an NFPA 285 compliant assembly cannot be labeled as “passing NFPA 285. The NFPA 285 fire test is performed with a full, two-story wall assembly. A successful NFPA 285 fire test must limit fire spread vertically and horizontally. Rising energy standards like ASHRE 90.1 are driving the use of continuous insulation and thus the need for more NFPA 285 testing.

Old Mill Panel+® Fire-Testing Results

Panel+ is the most cost-effective way to incorporate Continuous Insulation into the building envelope. Our patented system of specialized adhesive, air + water barrier, and foam panels is easy to install, is cost-effective and passes code requirements for continuous insulation. Every inch of foam panel thickness adds an R-value of 5.



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