Continuous Insulation

Old Mill Panel+ is the most cost-effective way to incorporate continuous insulation into the building envelope.


Old Mill Brick Continuous Insulation

Why Continuous
Insulation Really Matters?

If you’ve been around the construction and insulation industry you probably know the term. Thermal bridging, also known as cold bridges or heat bridges, are penetrations in a building’s insulation layer that allow heat (a.k.a. energy) to escape and cold to intrude during winter. Vice versa in the summer. In an airtight and insulated home, thermal bridges can account for heat loss of up to 30 percent.

It’s been calculated that a 2×4 wall with R-13 insulation in the cavity actually has a whole-wall R-value of only R-11, and a 2×6 wall with R-20 insulation is actually performing at R-15.67. So… What happens when we add rigid insulation to the exterior?


Building Protected with Old Mill Brick Continuous Insulation

Why consider Panel+® for your next project?

BrickPanel+ is the most cost-effective way to incorporate Continuous Insulation into the building envelope. Our patented system of specialized adhesive, air + water barrier, and foam panels is easy to install, is cost-effective and passes code requirements for continuous insulation. Every inch of foam panel thickness adds an R-value of 5.


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