Rustic Interior Design Ideas and DIY Tips

June 27 2019

Rustic home decor is a beautiful combination of natural aesthetics, contrasting textures, repurposed antiques, and thrift store finds. Create a charming, cozy home with these essential rustic interior design ideas and easy DIY tips.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a beautiful focal point in any rustic home. Nowadays, adding brick to your home’s interior is easier than ever with our thin bricks and Brickwebb solutions. We provide a painless way to enrich your home with a beautiful brick accent in twelve different colors.

The best part? There are so many different rustic interior design ideas that you can replicate using brick. Create a cozy living room with a brick accent wall, or a fresh new layer of brick around your fireplace. Add depth to your rustic farmhouse kitchen with a brick backsplash (#bricksplash), or wrap your whole kitchen island in brick for some beautiful contrast.

Distressed Wood

Just try to find a Pinterest board or rustic interior design idea catalog that doesn’t contain some serious distressed wood. Distressed farmhouse wood is huge in rustic decor, and should be your main focus as you lay a good foundation for your design.

Use a handheld sander to distress the furniture you already own, or hunt down some authentic farmhouse antiques online or at a local flea market. Distressed window frames, tables, cabinets—you name it.

Burlap Interior Design

What makes rustic decor so appealing is the variety of contrasting textures that add a cozy depth to the home. Once you’ve got your distressed wood and your brick backsplash, start adding layers of burlap in the form of throw pillows, baskets, bows, and decorative accent pieces.

Barnwood Doors

Want a quick and easy way to really transition from your current decor to rustic design? Add a barnwood door. You can find these in a variety of different colors and styles to complement your unique style. Also, you can use them in all sorts of different ways: sliding barn doors, barn door tables, or just a decorative piece in the corner paired with a potted lemon tree and a stiff burlap sack filled with soft blankets. 

Plant Life

Speaking of a potted lemon tree, plant life is another key component found in most rustic interior design ideas. Whether it’s a distressed, old-fashioned milk pitcher stuffed with fresh flowers or an artificial wreath hanging on your barnwood door, you can’t go wrong with adding some greenery to your rustic color scheme.

Repurposed Rustic Finds

You’ve probably already noticed that repurposed items play a big role in the rustic vibe. Add some authentic rural charm to your bathroom with a repurposed ladder on which to hang your towels. Create a stunning headboard for your master bedroom out of reclaimed barnwood. Give your old wooden pallets a fresh coat of paint (and then distress them so nobody knows) and use them for...well, anything.

Iron Accents

And of course, don’t forget to top off your rustic interior design ideas with a sprinkle of iron accents. Not only does this add some variety to the colors and textures, but you’ll find that it really rounds out the entire look. Iron wall art, iron bookends, iron hardware, the list could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Lay a Foundation With Old Mill Brick

Are you ready to create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams? How about designing a rustic chic master bedroom? It all starts with a foundation, and in rustic decor, that foundation is richly-colored brick.

Learn more about Old Mill Brick to find out how you can lay your charming rustic foundation in just one weekend! Browse our selection of different brick styles to find the best fit for your dream home.

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    We’re currently looking at re-doing and designing our kitchen, so this post is fab, as it isn’t all that big. I’m looking to completely change the styling and these are right up my street! Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing ideas.

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